Electronics Manufacturing

“Improve quality level/ Satisfy customers requests/ Strict quality control/Seeking sustainable business”

Electronics Manufacturing Service For our OEM/ODM customers, we provide fast and kind comprehensively service.

GeneTouch provide project planning, include checking engineering data, product design, confidentiality, budget sample/ production.
High integration manufacturing and high standard quality managements are not only the first priority to all GeneTouch members but a reliable company to our customers.

The ERP system controls the whole process automatically and networking from the order receiving, engineering data collecting, production and material control. It makes the SOP and the production scheduling more paperless and efficiency.
Besides, GeneTouch’s professional team can effectively cooperate with our customers’s SOP and immediate production schedule. Professional attitude and well-known knowledge is our truely guarantee.

Qality Goal
  • First Pass Yield=98%
  • Back Repair Rate <2%

Quality Strategy
  • Quality is the core value of the company. Progressing quality is the only way.
  • Design perfect products are the honor of the company.
  • Accurate and responsible for perfection is the guideline for all GeneTouch members.